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CK Studios provides innovative visual storytelling solutions that showcase the various phases of development of your manufacturing and construction projects. CK Studios’ Creative Director Colm Kerr was commissioned by John Sisk and Sons to capture the entire build of Longford’s Centre Parcs through photography and videography, from foundations to finished development.

Imagery was shared with the client’s investors on a monthly basis to keep them informed of the development’s progress. When the project was complete, the 18 months of video recordings were used to create a promotional video production for the client, alongside a full set of commercial photography that detailed the build.

The project was such a vast build that Colm developed his own innovative editing technique to incorporate every aspect of the construction into the video production. This thorough and highly detailed approach to videography not only enabled our client to share an accurate and timely account of the build, it also reinforced their commitment to investor relationships.