CK Studios are proud to announce that our Award Winning, Creative Director of Photography Colm Kerr, LIPPVA, LIPF, has been recognised for his continued hard work within BNI. Colm was awarded Notable Networker in his chapter this month. He has also scooped the position of No 1 in the region and No 1 in the Country. This comes at a time when CK Studios has been closed due to the current pandemic. So it is an astounding achievement and testament to his hard work and dedication both to CK Studios and fellow piers within BNI.

Colm who recently completed a years’ presidency in the Royal Chapter, where with his Leadership Team took the chapter from a membership of 32 to over 40 members, has gone on to become a Director Consultant for the Dublin and Ireland North East Regions. This year-to-date Colm has passed 64 referrals, invited 14 visitors and completed 153 1-2-1’s. CK Studios is an award winning photography and videography agency with decades of creative and commercial experience working with Irish brands. Check out his work on website.